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  1. Monitoring and Evaluating Leadership performance
  2. Effective Incident Investigation and Report Writing
  3. Strategic Planning and Implementation
  4. Best Ways of Managing Staff turnover
  5. Developing High Performance Teams
  6. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  7. Administration Skills for Executive Secretarial
  8. Corporate Governance
  9. HR Skills for Office Administrators
  10. Legal Contract Drafting and Management
  11. Project Governance
  1. Agricultural Development and Effective Land Use
  2. Land Governance and Sustainable Rural and Urban Development. 
  3. Best Methods in Agricultural Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Development and Implementation of Effective Agricultural Policies.
  5. Agricultural Policies and Food Security in Africa.
  6. Best Strategies of Land Redistribution in Africa.
  7. Poverty Alleviation Methodologies through Agriculture in Africa.
  1. Fundamentals of banking and Monitory Policy
  2. Advanced Administration of Monitory Policy.
  3. Advanced Crime Detection in banking sector.
  4. Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Banking Institutions.
  5. Effective Management of Financial Products.
  6. Training and Development of banking staff.
  7. Reviewing and Implementation of banking policies
  8. Foreign Exchange Controls, Framework and Management.
  1. Effective Accounting and Budgeting
  2. Financial Management Skills For Non Financial Managers
  3. International Financial Reporting Standards
  4. International Public Sector Accounting Standards
  5. Public Expenditure Control, Budgeting and Management
  6. Public Sector Financial Management
  7. Bookkeeping and Accounting Skills for Entrepreneurs
  1. Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  2. Microsoft Word Intermediate
  3. Microsoft Project
  4. Data base Administration
  5. Information and Communication Strategies
  6. Software Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Electronic Records Management
  8. Systems Analysis and Design
  9. Java Script
  10. Data and Information Security Systems
  11. N+ Networking
  12. Advanced Microsoft Outlook
  1. MySQL
  1. Effective practices of Value for Money Auditing
  2. Municipal Records Administration
  3. Public Finance Administration
  4. Disaster Risk Management
  5. Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  6. Microsoft Word Intermediate
  7. Microsoft Project
  8. Service Delivery Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
  9. Advanced Municipal Good Governance
  10. Effective Waste Management and Disposal
  11. Supply Chain Management and Public Procurement
  12. Advanced Public Transport Management
  13. Effective Public Resources Administration and Maintenance
  14. Advanced Regional and Town Planning Skills


  1. Best Strategies in Product Development and Marketing Management
  2. Advanced Marketing Research
  3. Public Relations and Strategic Corporate Social Investment
  4. Advertising and Brand Management
  5. Services Marketing, Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
  6. Practical Applications for Marketing
  7. Effective Call Centre and Customer Service
  8. Mordern Approaches to Retailing and Customer Relationship Management
  9. Public Relations and Customer Care
  1. Petroleum Data Management
  2. Fundamentals of Oil and Gas E&P
  3. Flare Gas Recovery (F&G) and its utilization in Oil and Gas
  4. Petroleum Testing Analysis
  5. Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers and Oil and Gas Professionals
  1. Advanced Inventory Management
  2. Materials Requirements Planning and Implementation
  3. Procurement Fraud Prevention
  4. Public Procurement Auditing
  5. Public Procurement, Supply Chain and Contract Management
  6. Advanced Tender Management Procedures
  7. Designing Public Procurement Policy and Framework
  8. Enforcing Public Procurement Compliance
  9. Mitigation Strategies of Public Procurement Risk
  10. Vendor Management Methodologies
  11. Management of Tender Awarding procedures and  Irregularities.
  1. Imports and Exports
  2. End to End Warehousing Administration
  3. Distribution Strategies
  4. Effective Materials Handling
  5. Effective Stores Management and Stock Control
  6. Production Planning and Control
  7. Advanced Sea Cargo Management
  8. Advanced Air Cargo Management
  9. Sea Freight Forwarding
  10. End to End Supply Chain Ecosystem
  11. Cost Effective Concepts in Fleet Management
  1. Advanced Disaster Management
  2. Environmental Management Systems and Strategies
  3. Natural Resource Management
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment and Reporting
  5. Environmental Law designing and Implementation
  6. Best Strategies in Combating Global Warming
  7. Occupational Health and Safety
  1. Construction Health and Safety
  2. Construction Project Planning and Implementation
  3. Construction Labour Law
  4. Construction Project Risk Management
  5. Construction Project Procurement and Contract Management
  6. Construction Project Cost Management
  7. Construction Project Time Management
  8. Construction Project Quality Management
  9. Construction Projects BOQs, Pricing and Cost Control
  1. ISO 55000 Overview and Implementation
  2. Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  3. Asset Life Cycle Management
  4. Measuring and Managing Asset Performance
  5. Asset Management Strategy and Planning
  6. Risk Based Asset Management
  7. Infrastructure Asset Management
  8. Asset Life Cycle Cost Management
  9. Preventive Maintenance Methodologies and Schedule Development
  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Corporate Treasury
  3. Credit Analysis and Control
  4. Advanced International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  5. Global Financial Compliance
  6. Risk Based Compliance Monitoring
  7. Anti – Financial Crime and Compliance
  8. Compliance Risks in Investment Banking
  9. Compliance Auditing
  1. Domestic Fares and Ticketing
  2. Galileo Reservations
  3. International Fare Calculations
  4. Travel Industry Operations
  5. Corporate Travel Management and Airline Reservations
  6. Automated Fares and Ticketing
  7. Galileo – Car Reservations
  8. Galileo – Hotel Reservations
  9. Galileo – Timatic
  1. Effective Structures of Policy Making
  2. Effective Policy Design Methodologies
  3. Ethical Principles to Policy Design and Analysis
  4. Advanced Report Writing
  5. Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  6. Best Strategies of Service Delivery in the Public Sector
  7. Public Policy Development and Risk Management
  8. Health Law , Policy and Advocacy
  9. Policy Review Techniques and Amendment.


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